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Today I was able to listen to Tony Robbins give a short but amazing talk on five ways you can turn your life around. It’s on his blog and I’ll share the link, don’t worry.

Since my focus is on tools that can make your life better, I thought his video was perfect. It’s wonderful how the universe allows our thoughts to coincide with others at times. By sharing his thoughts here, I sort of see it as borrowing his lawn mower. I hope he doesn’t mind. Jeez, Tony, I’ll give it back… Someday.

In this presentation he opens his heart for us to see the human being inside. Many may perceive him as this giant businessman who is impervious to the “little guy”, but I assure you, it’s simply not the case. You’ll see.

He shares five areas to focus on and if you stand back a bit and look at the big picture, it’s easy to see how they mesh. Take some time, write them down and refer to them often. I’ll just mention them as points and let him fill you in on the rest. They are:

  • Take control of your mind
  • Feed and strengthen your body
  • Find a role model
  • Get a plan and take massive action
  • Feed your spirit

So please, navigate away on the link below and you’ll be truly blessed by a man I see as one of my role models. Then come back and share your thoughts.

You won’t be disappointed.

I promise.



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